The Man of The Cloth

The Man of The Cloth

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Sometimes being a minister of the Good Word is perceived as standing in front of the dearly beloved or visiting the sick and weak in their homes for prayers. This mentality is also escorted with an imagined vision of a man in an oversize mustard suit with an ill matched tie. At times, on the positive end, we imagine a pastor is the man in an all black suit with the white collar and a solemn look.

Well, some ministers are giving the stereotypical notion a run for its money; such a man is Pastor Victor Osalo.
A pastor at the Word of Light Nairobi, he believes that it is important, if not necessary, that men of the cloth to dress smartly as they are also a representation of a certain cause.

“Ministry at times has you brush shoulders with people from all walks of life; high and mighty and higher and mightier!” Pastor Osalo says, “And this requires you to dress the part.”

Fashion is not only constricted to celebrities and the showbiz industry; it is for those who understand and appreciate style, regardless of their calling.

Pastor Osalo’s personality speaks for itself in this Shiyenze piece; Authority. Class. Style. The blue and gold detail blends so well with his skin tone and the Chinese collar adds on a chic touch to the shirt.

The length also makes it comfortable for various movements such a man like Pastor Osalo has to make in his line of work. Victor Osalo is a clear indication that it is more than possible to be spiritual and fashionable in the same heartbeat… A man of the good cloth.

SHIRT:Shiyenze Fashion

Prince Kuyoh