Tracy’s Story

Tracy’s Story

In the beginning, there was a draft. Then the draft went on to become a blog. The blog was made flesh and gave rise to a fashion blogger, enthusiasts and freelance journalist who sees no limits to what she can do. For every extra mile we put an effort in, we gain a mile of experience and expertise. This is the story of Tracy Gesare.

“I heard about the 40 days 40 personalities’ campaign from a little birdie and I knew there and then that it was something I had to be a part of. I have come to love and appreciate African fashion and the Shiyenze pieces are nothing short of elegance; they speak the African language.

Tracy Believes that the thing about choosing a career path is sticking to it. “You have to be firm and confident about your choices… I believe I wasn’t born to pay bills and die!”

Contrary to popular belief, digital presence doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be the an outdoors person. “Most of the activities that I thoroughly enjoy are indoor- based such as reading, playing board games, binge watching movies and, above most things, writing.”

Working with someone who knows what they want makes it easier than eating a piece of pie. Tracy has her work cut out for her when it comes to career decisions and even fashion sense… She’s good to go!

The pants were a dead ringer for her body shape; slightly petite and simple. The jacket… oh, the jacket! That is more than enough said; it fit Tracy like a glove.

“These pants are a statement; comfortable, wearable and classy. I have already cooked up a thousand other ways to wear them because they simply aren’t restricted to any occasion.”

“Shiyenze has to be one of my favourites so far. She is edgy, different and specific to detail, maintaining her impressive standards in choice of fabric.” “Shiyenze is definitely my designer of choice; I will undoubtedly Vaa Shiyenze more.”

Pants by: Shiyenze Fashion

Jacket by:Shiyenze Fashion

Accessories: Model’s own

Shoes by:
Model’s own

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