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“Style Is Eternal”

By June 23, 2016Fashion


“Hello, my name is Ian Mussilli. I am fashion blogger, consultant and a personal stylist who deals with all things men’s wear. I also enjoy traveling and swimming.”

“I first met Shiyenze at an event. I had been following her work and seeing all the amazing and unique designs that she created – and all the positive feedback she had been getting from her pieces – I immediately knew that I had to work with her. As a stylist I believe in diversity and cultural appreciation in that we should not just buy and wear designs from foreign countries but also include the rich mixture of African culture in our wardrobe. #VaaShiyenze!”


“Believe it or not, I had never owned any African pieces in my collection, but after seeing what Shiyenze creates, I knew I had to get a few for my self. This shirt is a first! Thanks to Shiyenze! What I love most about it is the fitting. If you want to look good, get a perfect fit that suits you. A perfect fit of any piece of cloth is undoubtedly one of the most important factors to consider in stylying – and Shiyenze definitely got it right with this shirt. Colours inspire happiness! The colours and prints on this shirt are bold and strong! I like how the boldness is not too bright as to steal the attention away from the rest of the outfit which is something that really impresses me as well.”

“I also loved the location of the shoot – Juniper’s Kitchen located along Muthangari drive in Westlands. The ambiance is really chilled out plus it had rained the previous night making the atmosphere all so cool (but a bit chilly as well…haha). Shiyenze’s creative team also made it very easy to work with. From Maluki’s directing skills to Kuyoh’s photography, epic! Everything flowed seamlessly. I loved it!”

“It was an honour being featured as part of the #40Days40Personalities campaign and I can’t wait to work with Shiyenze and her team again and again!” – Ian Mussilli.

Every individual carries his or her own personality. Ian Mussilli has one of the most unique personalities I have encountered. He has the ability to blend in with all people and in all situations. I have always know him to be a suit stylist more that any other outfits. You should have seen the look on his face when he first tried out this shirt; he loved it, he almost walked out of the workshop with it! You must agree with me, this guy looks so adorable! The thing is, you don’t always have to stick to your usual. Go out of your way today and try out something new! It could be a new restaurant, or a new pen, or even a new dress code! At the end of the day, look back and be proud of yourself for trying out something new!
A luta Continua!



SHIRT : Shiyenze

KHAKI PANTS: model’s own

TURTLE SHOES: model’s own

LOCATION: The Juniper Kitchen

Check out more about Ian Mussilli and his works on www.ianmussilli.com