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By July 20, 2016Fashion


Day 12


Speech is a gift given to the special ones. But only the exceptionally special among us  use it to transform people’s lives. Ladies and gentlemen, Meet Jeff Nthiwa. A millennial life coach at Destiny Life Coaching with a cutting edge understanding of his field.


“I help people, businesses and companies perform at peak performance and get the results they seek.” – Jeff Nthiwa


My first encounter with Jeff Nthiwa was  through a message which translated to an everlasting business relationship.‎ Being quite an enthusiastic man and very eloquent in speech, Jeff also  stands in the front line of great fashion. He needed something out of the norm for him while on the mic. Thus, we quickly spotted a kaftan shirt for him. The red embellish on the design breaks the monotony and gives him a lead look.


“My experience at the #VaaShiyenze photo shoot was mind blowing. I loved the energy and synergy of the Shiyenze team and more so the design on my shirt. I look like an African billionaire! Hehehe! I loved the design  so much that I went  home with it. Thank you very much for being exceptional!” – Jeff Nthiwa

DSC_0072-2 (1)‎‎‎


Kaftan:Shiyenze Fashion
Location:  Juniper Social
Photography: Gabriel Pelu
Makeup: Joy Maringa