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By July 23, 2016Fashion
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DAY 13

DSC_0157They say that a well kept beard is to a man what makeup is to a woman. Having been born and brought up in the countryside, Abel never had many fashion role models. But today, the narrative has changed. There are dozens of people who look up to him not just for his wealth of wisdom but also his great sense of fashion. To him, fashion is worth much more than a stitched piece of material and a good shoe. Fashion is a mirror of who you are inside.The man within you comes out more strongly when you dress him well.His deep masculine voice and physique made him a TV and Radio Commercial Ad favorite for all Daddy roles. This is not just a TV illustration, he is the reigning ‘Best Daddy in the world’ according to his daughter Ruth Matete of Ruth Matete Music Academy. This man has enough accolades to win him an Oscar! Hehehe.


‘Just got in,who is in the house…”

Abel Amunga is a man that I personally admire and appreciate. I was introduced to him through a link of about three  people. Today, he is a proud Shiyenze super fan. They say once a thespian always a thespian he really got into character quickly as the shoot went on.


”where have they left to..”


” someone at the door..”

“I was thrilled when Shiyenze asked me to be part of the #40Days40Personalities campaign. I was so honoured to feature in this world-class fashion expedition. If you know me, I’m a classic man! So my dress code has to represent just that. And my  Simba coat did just that. Shiyenze customized it just for me and I must admit, she did a great job. Notice the details on the shoulders and buttons?” – Abel Amunga

DSC_0197 (1)“Working with Shiyenze’s team at the photo shoot was extremely commendable. The level of professionalism displayed by this young fashion geniuses is on another scale all together.Ladies and gentlemen, please be on the lookout for this fashion superstar Shiyenze. Her future is far beyond bright! The future of the African fashion industry lies on her hands and others who think and deliver on such extremes.” – Abel AmungaDSC_0156DSC_0135DSC_0239-Recovered-2
‎Simba Coat: Shiyenze Fashion
Makeup: Joy Maringa
Photography: Gabriel Pelu
Shoot Location :Juniper Kitchen ‎