Gift Educator

Gift Educator

It’s a sunny evening at State House Girls, the students are having their usual continuous assessment and we have to wait to meet the Sensational English teacher.

Our crew is set to an amazing session. Passionate, vibrant and full of energy are just a couple of words that come to mind when you meet Judith Ogweno commonly referred to her students as ‘Mum’. Having been a teacher at State House Girls for over 21 years ,we strongly believe she has a story to tell concerning her mode of dressing as a teacher and a mother.

“As a teacher, it’s always key to stand out in your outfit but always consider comfort. My style is classic, simple and modest, that’s what I always seek in my outfits. I found this in Shiyenze. I met Shiyenze Khasoha way back in high school, a creative young genius and we quickly became friends. I was privileged to be among her first customers, as Shiyenze was making customized accessories, (Shiyenze Jewelries) when she started making clothes I was more ecstatic. I was confident my wardrobe had found a solution.”
As a Teacher I find myself inclined to a certain way of dressing. Am attracted to Shiyenze pieces because her African designs are stunning. Her color choice is amazing. Am usually surprised on how she mixes her shades, wait until she has yellow and brown and you wonder how she does it effortlessly.

Shiyenze Fashion Tip

Fashion is a way of expression. When I took it down to create a customized piece for mum, I envisioned the ideal look and how she looks. The outcome was beautiful. The ideal African woman is simple, classy and modest.Enjoy the look.

Dress– Shiyenze Fashion
Shoes – Model’s own
Photography – Kuyoh Photography
Shoot Director – Shiyenze Khasoha
Shoot Location – State House Girls High School.

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