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DAY 16

Say Hallo to Franklin SaiyalelIMG_6951Every man has a style. Some men know what their style is while others don’t. Some require the help of a professional stylist for them to look good…and that’s where Mr. Franklin Saiyalel, the Kenyan Stylista comes in. To make you look and feel great!If I was to describe Franklin in just two words, those words would be Creative and Smart! ‎Being a leading Male Fashion blogger in Kenya with huge fan base online, Franklin informs the classic man in Italy, the sassy man in Nigeria, the simple man in Australia, the democrat in the US and the elegant Kenyan on all matters fashion. He keeps his followers updated on current fashion trends advising them on what trends are established and are not just “fads”.IMG_6939On his blog, Franklin shares  with  you his  thoughts  and  ideas  on  all  the  things  he is  passionate  about. This includes  brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people. His portfolio ranges from fashion editorials, interiors, new spaces, travel spots, galleries, hotel features, model portfolios, celebrity styling, and more. We are more than honoured to feature him in the Vaa Shiyenze campaign. Here is what happens when a fashion stylist meets a fashion designer. Elegance redefined. ‎IMG_6954
“Being a Male Fashion blogger, I am very critical on everything men’s wear!  Male fashion is not just about looking good. To me, it’s also about wearing a well established brand. Shiyenze Fashion represents all that and more. I was so humbled when Shiyenze called me to participate in this project,i knew what i was getting into. Shiyenze is a master when it comes to detail.Her eye on detail will leave you speechless,from the cuts to classy finishing.This is definitely a force to reckon with.” – Kenyan StylistaIMG_6956 (1) IMG_6958

Shiyenze Fashion Tip

Fashion is a tool of expression. I value detail to the core, for me art is detail. The bold looks are important for you to step out from comfort zone. Be bold Stand out. Franklin wears a FURAHA shirt in my 2016 collection dubbed FURAHA 2016, which will have the opportunity to be showcased at the New York Fashion Week later In the year. The beautiful, bright and authentic colours of Africa cheer up a dull universe. Pull out that African attire and run this world with pride!



Furaha Shirt:Shiyenze Fashion

Makeup:Joy Maringa (0717744124)

Photography: Ng’ash Sage (0726043557)

Location:Juniper Social.

Follow Franklin on kenyanstylista.com



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DAY 15

Meet  Imani Joel,the star.


“Hi, my name is Imani Joel. I am two and a half years old. I love dancing, playing and watching cartoons.

I have owned Shiyenze clothes since I knew what clothes are. My first Shiyenze piece was a set of blue jeans with African print on all pockets. Since then, I realised that my mummy has never made a better decision about my clothing than starting my journey with Shiyenze fashion.

I had so much fun during the photo shoot. This was my very first professional shoot and I hope to have many more. The camera was so nice and I had so many people to be with me.I played a lot in the grass,I jumped, I rolled on the ground and also got a chance to take photos of my own.
My favourite thing about the shoot was the bow tie and the colour of my clothes. Shiyenze said it looks wonderful on me and my mum liked it also.So clearly there is no doubt that orange is my colour.”
It goes without saying that children are a blessing from God. There is an amazing sense of joy that comes with watching them grow into admirable citizens and a pride that seeps into your eyes when you see them taking a stand in the society. You can literally see their potential to become great people right from their childhood to the way they play and the way they handle their most minute situations. This is the exact same feeling everyone gets when they first brush shoulders with Imani Joel.
“If you watch him for a day, you will be torn between him becoming a doctor or a top notch photographer, just from the simple things that he does,” his mother says. At two years old Imani oozes with personality and vibrancy. His infectious laughter and silly yet naughty grins have the best of you from the word go. This is even more fascinating because his plump and short physique make him such an adorable and active chum.
His sense of observation, willingness to learn and follow instructions was very clear when he got to Juniper Kitchen, the location for the shoot. He wanted to be the photographer of the day; pacing around the equipment like the guru that “he is”. But before all that, he had to get suited to the outfit of the day, #VaaShiyenze!

The pants and Imani were a match made in the great skies! The playful colours and patterns gave more volume to his character. The waistband is elastic, giving the baby enough space to put on diapers and even run around the playground!
Working with Imani was more than fun; it was almost too easy!We all fell in love with him right from the moment we met him.Who says a child needs to be crying all the time? A child can be quiet, behaved, neat, organized and even, in this case, professional. I am keeping an eye on this young man; he just  the next great thing!The Star.


Shiyenze Fashion Tip
Not many parents or guardians understand the art behind dressing their children in amazing African looks. Most of them tend to shy away from getting their children fancy Africa outfits for reasons best known to them. However, I strongly believe that children’s outfits should be trendy, classy and well fitting. Especially if they are African by design. Dress that child in a Shiyenze and see the magic that is Shiyenze Fashion on kids.

Outfit : Shiyenze Fashion

Photography: Gabriel Pelu( 0707456625)

Location: Juniper Kitchen




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DAY 14

Welcome to Kambua’s Universe.
IMG_6694Kambua Manundu is your next door neighbor if not your primary school classmate. The first time you meet her, someone would easily think that you have known each other for years, thanks to her very welcoming spirit. Her bubbly personality complimented by her contagious smile invites you to her own universe of great fun, laughter, music and fashion. She has been featured in dozens of fashion shoots and magazines in the past and today, we get the privilege of telling her story in the best way we know how, Shiyenze Fashion!  Enjoy Planet Kambua 🙂IMG_6663Being a second born in a family of three taught her to be strong and courageous. Most of the time, just like any other second born, Kambua had to take in the bullets for her siblings. She discovered her music attraction in her childhood and made a conscious decision to pursue a career in it. With the help of very supportive parents, she managed to secure a place at the inaugural Berkley College of Music and later on a BA at Ambrose University both in the US. Kambua is now pursuing her MA in Communication at Daystar University. Talk about beauty and brains!

She’s got it all!She is also a renowned TV and Radio favourite to many. She has had the chance to work in a variety of media outlets in various capacities with Kubamba Radio 91.6FM being her latest debut! Did you know that she is also an actress? Kambua featured in stage plays by Heartstrings Ensemble for many years. Her bold personality and eloquent speech has seen her host a variety of big events including the popular Groove Awards with Safaricom show. This star is indeed a jack of all traits and a master of it all…

Now to Kambua’s Shiyenze Fashion style.IMG_6697“I am so amused by how my Maema Dress fits me so well.If you know me, you know I have a huge fetish for dresses and Shiyenze got that right! I am a lover of colour. Bright colours with rich shades speak a lot about you. This dress is nothing less of elegant, chic, trendy and authentic. A perfect definition of who I am!” – KambuaIMG_6677


“I am very particular about my makeup. I am a simple girl and that is defined very well by my everyday makeup. A little foundation, mascara and lip balm or lip gloss. I only wear lipstick on special occasions and this is one of them. Joy, the makeup artist is a true definition of a creative. She challenged me to try something new for the shoot and don’t I look amazing!!!? Thanks girl!”- KambuaIMG_6666IMG_6729
Shiyenze Fashion Tip.

Dress up everyday!You see, the thing about dressing up is far beyond looking good in that cute dress or that dapper coat.Dressing up is a true reflection of who you really are and who you aspire to be. If you look good outside, chances are you look just as good inside. Dress up for yourself. Be happy and make merry everyday. I mean, you only have one life to live, why not dress up for it??? Have a great day, won’t you! ‎IMG-20160718-WA0013IMG_6718



Maema dress: Shiyenze Fashion

Shoes and accessories – Model’s own

Makeup : Joy Maringa(0717744124)

Photography: Ngash Sage
Shoot director: Kelvin Kahiro

‎    Follow Kambua on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ‎

DSC_0197 (1)


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DAY 13

DSC_0157They say that a well kept beard is to a man what makeup is to a woman. Having been born and brought up in the countryside, Abel never had many fashion role models. But today, the narrative has changed. There are dozens of people who look up to him not just for his wealth of wisdom but also his great sense of fashion. To him, fashion is worth much more than a stitched piece of material and a good shoe. Fashion is a mirror of who you are inside.The man within you comes out more strongly when you dress him well.His deep masculine voice and physique made him a TV and Radio Commercial Ad favorite for all Daddy roles. This is not just a TV illustration, he is the reigning ‘Best Daddy in the world’ according to his daughter Ruth Matete of Ruth Matete Music Academy. This man has enough accolades to win him an Oscar! Hehehe.


‘Just got in,who is in the house…”

Abel Amunga is a man that I personally admire and appreciate. I was introduced to him through a link of about three  people. Today, he is a proud Shiyenze super fan. They say once a thespian always a thespian he really got into character quickly as the shoot went on.


”where have they left to..”


” someone at the door..”

“I was thrilled when Shiyenze asked me to be part of the #40Days40Personalities campaign. I was so honoured to feature in this world-class fashion expedition. If you know me, I’m a classic man! So my dress code has to represent just that. And my  Simba coat did just that. Shiyenze customized it just for me and I must admit, she did a great job. Notice the details on the shoulders and buttons?” – Abel Amunga

DSC_0197 (1)“Working with Shiyenze’s team at the photo shoot was extremely commendable. The level of professionalism displayed by this young fashion geniuses is on another scale all together.Ladies and gentlemen, please be on the lookout for this fashion superstar Shiyenze. Her future is far beyond bright! The future of the African fashion industry lies on her hands and others who think and deliver on such extremes.” – Abel AmungaDSC_0156DSC_0135DSC_0239-Recovered-2
‎Simba Coat: Shiyenze Fashion
Makeup: Joy Maringa
Photography: Gabriel Pelu
Shoot Location :Juniper Kitchen ‎



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Day 12


Speech is a gift given to the special ones. But only the exceptionally special among us  use it to transform people’s lives. Ladies and gentlemen, Meet Jeff Nthiwa. A millennial life coach at Destiny Life Coaching with a cutting edge understanding of his field.


“I help people, businesses and companies perform at peak performance and get the results they seek.” – Jeff Nthiwa


My first encounter with Jeff Nthiwa was  through a message which translated to an everlasting business relationship.‎ Being quite an enthusiastic man and very eloquent in speech, Jeff also  stands in the front line of great fashion. He needed something out of the norm for him while on the mic. Thus, we quickly spotted a kaftan shirt for him. The red embellish on the design breaks the monotony and gives him a lead look.


“My experience at the #VaaShiyenze photo shoot was mind blowing. I loved the energy and synergy of the Shiyenze team and more so the design on my shirt. I look like an African billionaire! Hehehe! I loved the design  so much that I went  home with it. Thank you very much for being exceptional!” – Jeff Nthiwa

DSC_0072-2 (1)‎‎‎


Kaftan:Shiyenze Fashion
Location:  Juniper Social
Photography: Gabriel Pelu
Makeup: Joy Maringa

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-34


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#40Days 40Personalities

DAY 10

In the beginning, there was a draft. Then the draft went on to become a blog. The blog was made flesh and gave rise to a fashion blogger, enthusiasts and freelance journalist who sees no limits to what she can do. For every extra mile we put an effort in, we gain a mile of experience and expertise.

This is the story of Tracy Gesare.

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-75

“I heard about the 40 days 40 personalities’ campaign from a little birdie and I knew there and then that it was something I had to be a part of. I have come to love and appreciate African fashion and the Shiyenze pieces are nothing short of elegance; they speak the African language.”

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-59

Tracy Believes that the thing about choosing a career path is sticking to it. “You have to be firm and confident about your choices… I believe I wasn’t born to pay bills and die!”

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-66 (1)

Contrary to popular belief, digital presence doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be the an outdoors person. “Most of the activities that I thoroughly enjoy are indoor- based such as reading, playing board games, binge watching movies and, above most things, writing.”

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-43

Working with someone who knows what they want makes it easier than eating a piece of pie. Tracy has her work cut out for her when it comes to career decisions and even fashion sense… She’s good to go!

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-67

The pants were a dead ringer for her body shape; slightly petite and simple. The jacket… oh, the jacket! That is more than enough said; it fit Tracy like a glove.

“These pants are a statement; comfortable, wearable and classy. I have already cooked up a thousand other ways to wear them because they simply aren’t restricted to any occasion.”

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-68Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-49

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-100

“Shiyenze has to be one of my favourites so far. She is edgy, different and specific to detail, maintaining her impressive standards in choice of fabric.”

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-56 (1)

“Shiyenze is definitely my designer of choice; I will undoubtedly Vaa Shiyenze more.”

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-28

Tracy Gesare_Shiyenze-34

Pants by: Shiyenze Fashion

jacket by:Shiyenze Fashion

Accesories: Model’s own

Shoes by: Model’s own

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-52


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DAY 11

Most people often seem to change according to what they wear; some outfits make you feel chic and some induce the gentleman or lady in you. Most of us need an event or a reason to grace an occasion or dress to kill.

But not Elvis Kahia.

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-17Elvis Kahia’s character and vibrant persona speaks for itself in his physical and digital presence… He loves being out there! His personality also makes it quite easy to dress him; he is an easygoing guy.

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-13As young and dazzling as he may seem, Mr. Kahia is a fully fledged pilot! *crowd screams* Yes, this fine lad is a professional even at his young age. This, however, is not an excuse for him to slack in what he does.

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-18What tells him apart from all his peers is his love for family and God. Find him always talking about his family and his work… And giving credit for all of that to The One who created him. In such a day and time, finding a man who values family the way Elvis does is a gem.

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-29“If God is all you have,you have all you need,” Elvis says, a clear conviction in his voice.

Working with Elvis is more than a work experience; it’s a friendship developing brick by brick. His presence on set and even in Shiyenze attires is just demanding! This kaftan was a perfect match for his personality; the bold red and the black is well suited for his strong personality and the detail softening that edge.

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-15

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-55A young soul full of ambitions, family love and spirituality, I am honoured and even more delighted to have Elvis ‘Lee’ Kahia as part of this journey to make Shiyenze fashion what it is going to be. To many years of work and friendship.

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-14

Elvis Lee_Shiyenze-39Kaftan by: Shiyenze

Photography:Rey Matata

Location:Nairobi Arboretum



Ask Tsholofelo

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Is it ever too late to start a new hobby or take up a new style…? Certainly not! You want to know why?

Ask the South African legal Advisor.
Ask Tsholofelo Kodisang.

“Shiyenze has been nothing but humble and professional since I met her last year at the Nairobi Fashion Market. I bought a skirt from her that day and now I’m a proud owner of 8 Shiyenze pieces to call my own.”


From a skirt to a long lasting relationship; its all about nurture.
Tsholofelo’s encounter with Shiyenze Fashion gave way into her expression of the kind of style she treasures.
Shiyenze products, however, is not the only taste she’s acquired lately.
“I love the simpler things in life I’ve recently picked up adult colouring as a hobby… I’m in love with it!”

Sometimes the small things we start up and nurture are the ones to give us ample peace of mind and a chance to be ourselves… I mean, from a skirt to a long lasting relationship…!
“When I’m colouring I’m at such peace and content… Everything around me is peaceful.”

Sometimes it’s the new fashion sense we learn to love and appreciate…
“Street fashion is everything. How else would I express my feelings?”

Kodisang loves Street Wear and I love working with her; I look forward to dressing her forever.

At Shiyenze Fashion, we give you the opportunity to express yourself; take up new style, incorporate African regalia into your everyday life… Something new and seamless!
Made to measure.Made for you.



Photography by: Stephanie Kavi Mutua


The Man of The Cloth

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Sometimes being a minister of the Good Word is perceived as standing in front of the dearly beloved or visiting the sick and weak in their homes for prayers. This mentality is also escorted with an imagined vision of a man in an oversize mustard suit with an ill matched tie. At times, on the positive end, we imagine a pastor is the man in an all black suit with the white collar and a solemn look.

Well, some ministers are giving the stereotypical notion a run for its money; such a man is Pastor Victor Osalo.



DSC_0592A pastor at the Word of Light Nairobi, he believes that it is important, if not necessary, that men of the cloth to dress smartly as they are also a representation of a certain cause.


“Ministry at times has you brush shoulders with people from all walks of life; high and mighty and higher and mightier!” Pastor Osalo says, “And this requires you to dress the part.”

Fashion is not only constricted to celebrities and the showbiz industry; it is for those who understand and appreciate style, regardless of their calling.



Pastor Osalo’s personality speaks for itself in this Shiyenze piece; Authority. Class. Style. The blue and gold detail blends so well with his skin tone and the Chinese collar adds on a chic touch to the shirt.



The length also makes it comfortable for various movements such a man like Pastor Osalo has to make in his line of work.


DSC_0606Victor Osalo is a clear indication that it is more than possible to be spiritual and fashionable in the same heartbeat… A man of the good cloth.


DSC_0539SHIRT:Shiyenze Fashion