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August 2016



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DAY 16

Say Hallo to Franklin SaiyalelIMG_6951Every man has a style. Some men know what their style is while others don’t. Some require the help of a professional stylist for them to look good…and that’s where Mr. Franklin Saiyalel, the Kenyan Stylista comes in. To make you look and feel great!If I was to describe Franklin in just two words, those words would be Creative and Smart! ‎Being a leading Male Fashion blogger in Kenya with huge fan base online, Franklin informs the classic man in Italy, the sassy man in Nigeria, the simple man in Australia, the democrat in the US and the elegant Kenyan on all matters fashion. He keeps his followers updated on current fashion trends advising them on what trends are established and are not just “fads”.IMG_6939On his blog, Franklin shares  with  you his  thoughts  and  ideas  on  all  the  things  he is  passionate  about. This includes  brand experience, fashion, footwear, travel, gadgets, music and people. His portfolio ranges from fashion editorials, interiors, new spaces, travel spots, galleries, hotel features, model portfolios, celebrity styling, and more. We are more than honoured to feature him in the Vaa Shiyenze campaign. Here is what happens when a fashion stylist meets a fashion designer. Elegance redefined. ‎IMG_6954
“Being a Male Fashion blogger, I am very critical on everything men’s wear!  Male fashion is not just about looking good. To me, it’s also about wearing a well established brand. Shiyenze Fashion represents all that and more. I was so humbled when Shiyenze called me to participate in this project,i knew what i was getting into. Shiyenze is a master when it comes to detail.Her eye on detail will leave you speechless,from the cuts to classy finishing.This is definitely a force to reckon with.” – Kenyan StylistaIMG_6956 (1) IMG_6958

Shiyenze Fashion Tip

Fashion is a tool of expression. I value detail to the core, for me art is detail. The bold looks are important for you to step out from comfort zone. Be bold Stand out. Franklin wears a FURAHA shirt in my 2016 collection dubbed FURAHA 2016, which will have the opportunity to be showcased at the New York Fashion Week later In the year. The beautiful, bright and authentic colours of Africa cheer up a dull universe. Pull out that African attire and run this world with pride!



Furaha Shirt:Shiyenze Fashion

Makeup:Joy Maringa (0717744124)

Photography: Ng’ash Sage (0726043557)

Location:Juniper Social.

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DAY 15

Meet  Imani Joel,the star.


“Hi, my name is Imani Joel. I am two and a half years old. I love dancing, playing and watching cartoons.

I have owned Shiyenze clothes since I knew what clothes are. My first Shiyenze piece was a set of blue jeans with African print on all pockets. Since then, I realised that my mummy has never made a better decision about my clothing than starting my journey with Shiyenze fashion.

I had so much fun during the photo shoot. This was my very first professional shoot and I hope to have many more. The camera was so nice and I had so many people to be with me.I played a lot in the grass,I jumped, I rolled on the ground and also got a chance to take photos of my own.
My favourite thing about the shoot was the bow tie and the colour of my clothes. Shiyenze said it looks wonderful on me and my mum liked it also.So clearly there is no doubt that orange is my colour.”
It goes without saying that children are a blessing from God. There is an amazing sense of joy that comes with watching them grow into admirable citizens and a pride that seeps into your eyes when you see them taking a stand in the society. You can literally see their potential to become great people right from their childhood to the way they play and the way they handle their most minute situations. This is the exact same feeling everyone gets when they first brush shoulders with Imani Joel.
“If you watch him for a day, you will be torn between him becoming a doctor or a top notch photographer, just from the simple things that he does,” his mother says. At two years old Imani oozes with personality and vibrancy. His infectious laughter and silly yet naughty grins have the best of you from the word go. This is even more fascinating because his plump and short physique make him such an adorable and active chum.
His sense of observation, willingness to learn and follow instructions was very clear when he got to Juniper Kitchen, the location for the shoot. He wanted to be the photographer of the day; pacing around the equipment like the guru that “he is”. But before all that, he had to get suited to the outfit of the day, #VaaShiyenze!

The pants and Imani were a match made in the great skies! The playful colours and patterns gave more volume to his character. The waistband is elastic, giving the baby enough space to put on diapers and even run around the playground!
Working with Imani was more than fun; it was almost too easy!We all fell in love with him right from the moment we met him.Who says a child needs to be crying all the time? A child can be quiet, behaved, neat, organized and even, in this case, professional. I am keeping an eye on this young man; he just  the next great thing!The Star.


Shiyenze Fashion Tip
Not many parents or guardians understand the art behind dressing their children in amazing African looks. Most of them tend to shy away from getting their children fancy Africa outfits for reasons best known to them. However, I strongly believe that children’s outfits should be trendy, classy and well fitting. Especially if they are African by design. Dress that child in a Shiyenze and see the magic that is Shiyenze Fashion on kids.

Outfit : Shiyenze Fashion

Photography: Gabriel Pelu( 0707456625)

Location: Juniper Kitchen